Your Visit From Santa

Now is the time to schedule your visit from Santa.

Invite Santa to your home, Company Holiday party, or social event. A visit from Santa is always the highlight of everyone's evening. Have the children meet Santa and share their Holiday wish list, pose for individual and family photos, and give your gifts out to family and friends even have Santa perform some magic for your guests.

By featuring Santa Claus at your event, you can rest assured that your audience will be entertained in a professional manner, highlighted by laughter, joy, and friendly audience involvement...qualities that, in this business, mean a Job done right...for YOU!

When you are responsible for your event, you want to give everyone an event they will truly that will win YOU compliments for months.

A Santa visit can be arranged to meet your needs. A typical home visit is usually 30 - 45 minutes and consists of meeting your guests, talking with everyone that wants to talk to Santa, and posing for photos. A visit for a party or special event can range from 30 minutes to 2 hours and can be designed to meet your individual needs, including handing out gifts, telling a holiday story, meeting your guests, performing magic and posing for photo opportunities. Prices begin at $250 and are based upon time and your needs.

Dates fill quickly so the time to act is NOW.

Contact Santa Claus Today!