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Today's world requires us to rethink how we visit and talk to Santa. As a Santa my visits have always been in person and up close to spread the Magic of the Christmas Season. But now we are forced to rethink how to visit everyone safely. Santa Claus Tampa will still be available for home and party events in a safe manor that is comfortable to everyone involved. But if an “In Person” visit is not something that you’re comfortable with a personal online visit is just the Holiday ticket.

Visits are 15-minute sessions via Zoom, Facebook, Skype or video phone calls. Price begin at $75 for a simple 15-minute visit. Santa will talk to the children and find out what they want and can read “The Night Before Christmas” and reassure the Children that even thru today’s issue Christmas and Santa will still be making those rounds on Christmas Eve.

Available times are limited so to schedule your visit it’s not too early to book it now.